Storm Cloud and Snow, Brooklin, ME

A gorgeous landscape in Brooklin, MaineOne of the great things about the ocean in Maine is that in the thick of winter,?no matter how many meters of snow might be on the ground, you can walk at low tide along a beach as if it were summer (provided you can ignore the obvious temperature difference). A walk along the beach in Brooklin, Maine brought a view of this amazing house situated with a sweeping view of the ocean. The house, outbuildings and their careful placement in the landscape left me with the definite impression that I had left Maine and been transported to Norway or Sweden. A gorgeous spot with pretty nice lighting.

Single exposure 24mm f/13 at 1/80 sec; processed in Lightroom 3.3 and Silver Efex Pro 2.0.


Off to the Maine Huts!

Tomorrow is my last class of the semester, and I head off to Poplar Stream Falls Hut and then Flagstaff Lake Hut for Saturday night. I’ll be scouting out good spots for the August Photographic Workshop that Rick Holt and I will be teaching. I hope the steady rain stops and I get some breaks with just overcast. I think I’m bringing an umbrella.

The photo below is totally unrelated to my trip, but I thought I’d post it anyway. It was taken last summer at Popham Beach on a spectacularly foggy morning.

Popham Beach, Maine

Popham Beach, Maine